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Experts Provide Input ... YOU Make the Decisions!

We hear from the “experts” all the time.

Here are some quotes from former “experts” in the computer industry …

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”… Thomas Watson, 1943 Chairman of IBM.

“Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons.”… Popular Science, 1949.

“There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in the home.”… Ken Olsen, President Digital Equipment Corporation.

Experts offer opinions which usually bring value … BUT as we can see from the above, they are not ALWAYS good opinions.

If you are a business owner, an executive or a manager looking to make an important decision it is prudent to get input from your advisers and experts such as lawyers and accountants.

The same applies to all of us in our everyday lives.  YES get input, YES listen to the “experts” … but YOU are responsible for your own actions, choices and eventual outcomes.

Just remember the responsibility AND accountability for the decision is YOURS … and experts are not always right!