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Make YOUR Life a High!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been wrapped up moving home and travelling for business … and my workout routine suffered.  If I’m honest it was not doing so well in the couple of weeks leading up to the move, as I prepared for the move.  Over the last few days I have begun to get back into my daily exercise routine and this morning I had one of those GREAT workouts … I didn’t want to get out of bed, my legs felt tired and I really had to push myself to do it.  I had a fairly vigorous 20 minutes on the elliptical machine, followed by a good 20 minute weight circuit that includes some  abs, all followed by some stretching.

After the workout I was very conscious of how good it felt, my body felt strong, I was feeling alive and enjoying one of those natural highs!

This got me thinking about the kind of things, WITHIN MY CONTROL, that can give me those kind of natural highs.

Natural High:   A feeling of sheer joy, or elation related to an activity of event that is not a result of any enhancing agents (drugs, alcohol etc).

Here are SOME (PG rated) things that give me that high:

1.  Exercise as described above.

2.  Soccer … I am not playing currently but since I was 5 years old I have enjoyed this game, and the elation of scoring, making a good pass, dribbling past a defender, winning a game, playing hard all adds up to that special enjoyment!

3.  Business … I enjoy building my business, seeing some of the decisions we made come to fruition, seeing a strategy unfold, winning a key account, giving a key presentation that goes well, having positive meetings with clients, colleagues etc.  I can take great enjoyment from what I do.

4.  My family!

5.  Travel.

6.  Riding my motorbike or driving my sports car … both give that raw feedback of the road you don’t always get in regular driving.

I could probably go on … but it is worth noting that almost everything I have mentioned above could also get me down if I let it.  Exercise and soccer games don’t always go the way you would like (just ask the England team today), business comes with more than its fair share of challenges.

My approach is to actively ENJOY the good … and try hard to NEGATE the bad.

If you can not let ALL the negative stuff get to you, and can enjoy the good times then your life will be that much richer!

ENJOY your life … you only get one shot!

This is the HOLSTEE Manifesto …