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Time to Party


I take pleasure from many things in life … I look for the good, I focus on the positive and I work hard to eliminate or at least negate the negatives.  So, having a built-in reason to celebrate makes it VERY easy!!!

Here in North America we are about to celebrate some national holidays … and like many such celebrations they have evolved over the years, people have developed their own traditions and perhaps the original intents are not as important for some.

I’m not so sure it matters … if the essence of a Canada Day celebration for you is the celebration of Canada’s birthday OR just a great opportunity to party its all OK.

In Canada we will be celebrating the establishment of our constitution (or just celebrating) on July 1st.  South of the border the US will be celebrating their independence on July 4th.  Its a good week for celebrating!!

To all my Canadian friends … Happy Canada Day.

To my friends in the states … wait another couple of days, or zip up to Canada to party with us and then you too can party like Canadians!!!

Find the good things to celebrate in your life … and when people make it easy for you, then make sure you take advantage.  Its time to be with friends and family, its a time to maybe drink and eat a little more than you should, its a time to laugh and tell stories, its a time to watch some fireworks … and maybe a time to reflect a little on those who have helped build these countries!

Let’s party!!!!