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Your Perspective Versus What Your Perspective COULD Be!


When I was a kid growing up in a working class neighborhood in Liverpool I dreamed of being a professional soccer player … but figured I would be a car mechanic.

When I was an aircraft mechanic in the Royal Navy I never dreamed I could be an officer, my ambition was measured in small increments … actually earning stripes felt like a big accomplishment.

When I left the navy and went back to school to study computers my goal was to finish college with decent marks and position myself for a good computer programming job afterwards.

During college things started to change … I worked hard, applied myself and found I was achieving top marks (something I NEVER saw in all my previous school years).  I finished top of my class and got a “dream” job as a programmer with Barclays Bank.

What IF I had applied myself like that when I was back in school?

When I joined the bank I thought I might be able to work myself up into management, however I got itchy feet and emigrated to Canada instead.

In Canada I worked through a couple of jobs and felt I had an aptitude for sales … I was given the chance to move into sales and began to see opportunities.  My sales job was the start of a personal growth period, where I really began to believe in myself.

What IF I had seen life that way previously?

I have been a business owner for 16 years, our business has grown and prospered in that time and today I don’t feel constrained by doubts or fears or lack of ambition.

What IF I had that same confidence, attitude and willingness to work when I was that kid in Liverpool?

Don’t get me wrong … I have NO regrets!  I am who I am because of my life journey, and I am quite comfortable with who I am.

The message here is that our success, our ability to function and reach our potential is totally within our own control.  It is purely a mindset.

I am the same person as I was all those years ago … I just don’t think like that person thought!

Don’t let YOUR own inhibitions, beliefs, fears or other mental barriers get in the way of your talents, your potential, your ability to live your life as fully as possible!