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Birthday Reflections


Today is my birthday, so I will take some license and take the easy way out with today’s blog entry.  My idea for today is to take a few key blog entries from over the past six years that recant some lessons I have learned along the way.

1.  The first is about work … which probably won’t surprise you because work is a big part of my life, and I take enjoyment from the successes, the lessons and the challenges.  I wrote a blog entry called 10 Lessons About Work … from 50 Years experience!  I think its an easy read, and the advice is fairly pragmatic.

2.  The second lesson is around humour.  It was a lighthearted entry designed to show the value of humour, 5 Lessons From Humour.

3.  The third I wrote after taking a spill on my motorbike … those kind of events can get you thinking! Life Lessons from the Ditch!

4.  If you have stayed with me this far you will know that I am an optimist and I believe in living life to the full.  Hence my last blog entry for today …The Glass Really is Half Full!