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Birthday Reflections

Today is my birthday, so I will take some license and take the easy way out with today's blog entry. My idea for today is to take a few key blog entries from over the past six years that recant some lessons I have learned along the way. 1. The first is about work ... which probably won't surprise you because work is a big part of my life, and I take enjoyment from the successes, the lessons and the challenges. I wrote a blog entry called 10 Lessons About Work ... from 40 Years experience! I think its an easy read, and the advice is fairly pragmatic. 2. The second lesson is around humour. It was a lighthearted entry designed to show the value of humour, 5 Lessons From Humour. 3. The third I wrote after taking a spill on my motorbike ... those kind of events can get you thinking! Life Lessons from the Ditch! 4. If you have stayed with me this far you will know that I am an optimist and I believe in living life to the full. Hence my last blog entry for today ... The Glass Really is Half Full! Walk Fast and Smile! ----------------------------------------------- Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company) Want to know where Canada's hot jobs are? Visit the Eagle Job Centre! Gain a competitive edge! Join Eagle's Executive Consulting Network! Have you tried Eagle's (very cost effective) VirtualRecruiter service? -----------------------------------------------