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Change One Habit Today


We all have them … bad habits!  They can be small things that really are not life changing, but might irritate our partner.  They might also be habits that COULD have a significant affect on us.

Let’s pick on the TV watching couch potato for a minute … not that there is anything wrong with “chilling” on the couch, as long as it is not your primary form of relaxation.  If your habit is to hit the couch the minute you get home from work and only leave it to get another beer, or packet of chips there are a number of impacts … just my opinions here:

1.  You are possibly damaging your health by putting on weight, particularly if you are not getting exercise during the day.

2.  You are missing out on the many options available in life by using hours each day to sit and perhaps watch TV.

3.  You are missing out on the chance to meet new people by getting out.

4.  You are missing out on the chance of adding a new skill, improving an existing skill or just enjoying different activities.

5.  You are becoming a duller person.

If you chose to use 3 evenings a week to indulge in other activities you could work on your fitness, meet new people, learn new skills etc.

So, think about the the habits you might have developed that could be altered to make a meaningful impact on your life!

Some time ago I blogged about Five Good Habits that You Should Develop.  Maybe you could get some ideas there.

I also blogged about Good Habits generically, with some ideas for the business environment … there might be a nugget in there for you.

One of the business books that had the most impact on me is The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  You might enjoy it!

My advice to you would to pick ONE THING and work on it until you see results.  It could be as simple as changing your attitude to work … if you come to work every day as though it is a “necessary evil” then your perspective will be very different from someone who recognizes work is necessary but who looks at it as an opportunity to learn, grow, make friends and build a career!

We can all find ONE THING we could work on … if you can actually bring about change you will be amazed at just how much impact you can have on your life!