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Get Involved!


Are you a person that sets goals in your life? If that is the case, then congratulations, because you are one of a very small minority!

Goals are a great tool to help you actually take charge … so not only am I nagging you to take charge, I am telling you how!

There are a ton of resources to help people with this exercise but only you can DO IT.

Here are a few “pearls of wisdom” from a guy who believes in this stuff (me). If you take the plunge I guarantee you will see a positive change in your life … that can’t be all bad!

1.Set a goal … just do it! Don’t wait for month end, start of a new week, the New Year or any other procrastination trick do it NOW.
2.Pick something you can do, make it very specific and track it! I will lose 5lb in the next month … starting right now! (Of course the next step is to create the action plan that will meet the target).
3.Write down the goal… and tell someone about it! (Your partner, a friend, or a colleague). This makes it real and a true commitment!
4.Track your progress as often as makes sense … if it’s a weight goal maybe you want to weigh yourself weekly.
5.Reward yourself for meeting goals … do not reward yourself if you miss them. Eg. If I lose 5lb by the target date I will treat myself to some new clothes. If you don’t make it then put off the treat.
6. Once you start to get the hang of this, add some more goals… and keep working on all of your goals.

People who are really successful at this will have goals for many different aspects of their lives … health and fitness; relationships; time management/organization; finances; career; training; hobbies. Etc.

If you decide where your life is going then the more “in control” you will feel, the more confident you will become, the more successful you will be and that positive cycle will continue.

Give it a try … what have you got to lose?