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Keep It Positive!


There are always many ways to look at things … ranging from the very negative through to the very positive.

If you are a salesperson who is missing their numbers you might (a) get down on yourself, talk yourself into a “downward spiral”, blame the slow market or the client slowdowns OR (b) you might take it as an opportunity to try some new tactics, a wake up call that you need to take action.  The reality is that most people will fall somewhere between the two extremes.

As a business person you will always see (a) “problem areas” or “issues” that can consume your thoughts and bring you down … OR (b) you can recognize these things as just ways to make your business EVEN better.

I think it is critical that people in leadership positions take a POSITIVE approach and project that positive attitude to their people.  People will always respond better to the positives. 

 Telling someone that they are under performing and need to pull their socks up (the NEGATIVE approach)  is not all that motivating!  

Telling that same person that you recognize they are struggling, and then working with them to develop a plan for changing their situation (the POSITIVE approach) is far more likely to result in the right changes!

It has become a bit of a cliché to say that every PROBLEM is really an OPPORTUNITY … but if you can adopt that attitude and keep it positive you will always reap better results!