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Sleep, Myths and Reality

I read an article today citing two separate studies showing the affects of sleep deprivation.

It got me thinking about how hard I work, and the stories I have heard my whole life about how hard people work.

Here are my beliefs …

1.  I work hard … and YES that means some very long days, some sleep deprivation especially during heavy travel periods.  But …

2.  Generally I get 7 or 8 hours sleep … which I find leaves me quite refreshed.  Some people get by with less, some need more.

3.  I hear about people that tell me they work 14 hour days … I don’t know any that actually do.  IF they do, then the BIG question is … why?  Quickly followed by why can’t you handle your job in a normal work day, which for a senior person I would suggest might be 10 hours.

4.  Like the study suggests if you burn the candle at both ends continuously then you will NOT function at your peak, and most likely your productivity will be seriously impaired (maybe that’s why people have to work longer … because they are no longer efficient!)

5.  I think 99% of people that tell me they work 14 hour days also walked uphill to school through 2 feet of snow, with no shoes … and had to walk uphill on the way back too!

6.  Almost any job should be be doable in 10 hour day … using good time management skills, and delegating efficiently.  I might make exceptions for Presidents of countries, CEOs of Global companies etc.  BUT even then they cannot operate on insufficient sleep and be effective! 

What does it all mean?

1.  Look after yourself … you only get one go around (that we know of).  Recognize what your body needs and make sure you don’t push too far beyond those limits without refreshing!

2.  Sure work hard, but more importantly work smart!  Be the best that you can be, but learn to do that efficiently, effectively and within a reasonable work day!

3.  When people tell you that they work crazy hours … ask them why?  Then ask them about their school years!