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The Danger in "Just Doing Your Job"


There are lots of people who don’t particularly like their job … most people however need to earn a living, and so a job is a necessity, not a choice.

The “employment contract” (whether it is called that or not) says that for doing “your job” you will get “paid” (usually money, but also benefits and general work conditions that are discussed up front).  Generally a company keeps their end of the bargain and pays the negotiated wages on the stated “pay days” … and the company expects the employee to keep their end of the bargain.  As an employer I expect the employee to “work” diligently, for the prescribed work hours, and I expect the employee to do their best in their role.  I am paying as per the contract and the employee is meeting my expectations then we should all be good!

Is that all enough?  The short answer is NO!

1.  If you actively dislike your job that is very clear to those around you, including your boss.

2.  Disgruntled people have a negative affect (the bad apple) on those around them.

3.  Management will always get rid of the bad apples first … and good management will replace bad apples with good ones, to ensure the integrity of their team.

So … what do “bad apples” do that identifies them as such?

  • They are complainers.

  • They will never do any more than they absolutely need to.

  • They will often be the least productive.

  • They will find reasons to avoid work … and disrupt those around them.

  • They will be difficult to manage.

YOU think that just doing the bare minimum in your job is fair compensation to your employer for the salary you get, but most likely your employer doesn’t always see it the same way.

If you see the description above and it could be you, then you might want to think about that.

If you don’t want to adjust your attitude because inherently that will make you a happier person … there is also that other factor, your income is on the line!