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You ... and Change!


Some time ago I wrote a fairly short blog entry called You … and Work!  I think it is worth 2 minutes of your time to look at it!

Now that you have read it … let’s talk about change.  I write about it a lot, every business owner I know is figuring out how to change in today’s evolving world and how to get their people on board.

Here are a few thoughts …

1.  The world is different today than it was even a few short years ago.  Just one very small example, one of my very early blog entries was called Save My Blackberry Please.  RIM was facing some patent issues at the time and I could not envisage living without my Blackberry.  Today (and for the last couple of years) I have an iPhone, and am very happy with it … RIM are facing a crisis and may not survive in their current form.  Change!

2.  Wikipedia has an entry that lists significant companies that have failed over the years…  take a look at that list since 2006! Change!

3.  There is some comfort in the familiar … BUT if you don’t change you get passed by!

4.  You can get on board with change, learn and enjoy the challenge of the new; you can get on board with change reluctantly and “do what you have to do”; or you can resist change and take your chances.  If you recognize that change is inevitable then resistance is not going to have a good outcome for you.

5.  Companies are struggling with increased global competition (including low cost labour), regulatory changes, demographic changes, skills shortages, technological innovation and economic crises … your role in this new world is to bring value.  Companies MUST change!

Be a part of the solution!