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Labour Day Weekend

It is Friday and we are heading into a long weekend here in Canada.  Labour Day weekend is traditionally a sign that Summer is about done and we are heading into cooler nights, with the prospect of an approaching Winter.  This is not necessarily a bad thing because Winter in Canada brings different activities and pastimes that are enjoyable to many of us … the hockey season approaches and Winter sports are anticipated.

This weekend is a great time to prepare for change.  Parents are readying their children for the new school year, many are setting up their young adults in university and college dorms for the first time.  People are thinking about their cottages and boats, taking full advantage of what at least in Ontario promises to be another glorious weekend … but with a view that the season is almost done.

It is also a great time for us to relax, enjoy some time away from the pressures of the job and recharge the batteries ready to pick up the pace again for the Fall.  Typically projects gain momentum and clients are very focused on making things happen in the September through to Christmas period … it is a period to grow business, work on relationships and take advantage of that final quarter in the year.

Next week will be a great time to revisit your goals for the year and adjust your plans to make sure you end the year on a high note.

So … enjoy the break, recharge those batteries, enjoy some quality time with your friends and family so that you are energised to start September with a bang!  Happy Labour Day weekend Canada!!!