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Making the Most of Your Time Off!

Today is my first day back from vacation … so its a little hectic!  I have blogged previously about some of the things I do to make sure I am organised and as productive as possible when I have been away for a little while.  I called it my Post Vacation Restart!

Clearly, most of my blog entries are focused on success at work but it is equally (if not more) important to WORK at success away from work … in your relationships, your physical & mental health as well as those non-work activities that make you feel good!

A “successful vacation” is a personal thing, but here are some indicators why I believe my vacation was a success:

1.   My mom and sister visited from the UK … so we got to spend quality time with them!

2.  My kids and their partners spent a good amount of time visiting with us … more relationship fun!

3.  We did things as a group … visiting places, boating, puzzles, watching movies.

4.  We did things separately … reading, “puttering jobs”, walking etc.

5.  I exercised most days … good workouts, without the usual time pressures of getting ready for work.   In addition there was lots of general walking and other activities.

6.  I worked on things out of the ordinary … for instance I revived my interest in genealogy with my sister, I learned how to use my new camera and I practiced my new-found boating skills (mostly successfully).

7.  I read books, magazines and articles … not business books, just interesting and sometimes “mindless stuff”!

8.  I slept well.

9.  I kept up to date with my email … without spending a ton of time, or even getting involved.  As a business owner this allows me the peace of mind to relax.

10.  I ate and drank a little more exuberantly than the norm … but not to the point of excess!

I arrived back at work feeling relaxed and ready to go again … so I feel my time off was a good use of my time.

I often talk about the importance of not “drifting” through your work days, they should be planned and you should “work your plan”. 

I don’t believe you need to be so regimented about your vacation … but I do think it is equally important you have some kind of plan for your vacation.  Even if that plan is to “do nothing”!   Consciously “doing nothing” can feel great … but “doing nothing” when you feel you should be “doing something” can be unsatisfying!

Will you feel good about your vacation time?