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Nostalgia, History or a Story?


I am a forward thinking kind of person.  I like to think I learn my lessons in life, but I don’t look backwards too often.

There are way too many issues caused because of “history”.  You only have to look at territorial disputes between countries … yes country A held that territory before country B, but if you go back further you often find country C, D, E etc all held it at various points in time. 

Maybe if Greece were to reclaim all the territory they held at the height of their power they might not have any economic problems! (Tongue in cheek comment … but you get my point).  Same goes for the Romans, or maybe even the British Empire!

However here we are in 2012 and if everyone accepted today’s realities and moved forward there would be far fewer issues in the world.

There are however some positive reasons to revisit history … and they centre around happy memories.

Last night I went to the theatre to watch Backbeat which is about the formative years of “The Beatles”.  Set in the early sixties when I was a very young boy, the Liverpool (Scouse) accents made me smile … because I grew up in Liverpool.  Some of the expressions were priceless, bringing back memories of my youth. 

It was a nice evening out!

So … like most things in life, we can have a positive OR negative view of history, and it is entirely within our control.

As I get older I realise that the positive memories are something to cherish, the not so positive (or even painful) memories I ignore.

Winston Churchill is credited with saying, “History is written by the victors”.  A quote that suggests you might like the history, or not… and that its validity might well be questionable!

I say, “Today is more important than history.  Live your life looking forwards”.