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The Boss's Opinion


Some time ago I wrote a blog entry about opinions in which I suggested that not everyone thinks exactly the same way and so it is important to recognise people’s right to different opinions.

Today I am talking specifically about leadership and how as leaders it is critical not to force your opinion on others, just because it is YOUR opinion. 

For example … my company’s marketing function reports to me and for quite a while we would have lots of marketing “give aways” with the company logo, designed to increase our brand but also to be items of use to those who got them.  There are the standard items that are always in demand like pens and mugs, but we also tried to get creative so we have had many different items.   When we first started this I would be quite vocal with my opinions about what I thought was good and what I didn’t like.  As the boss, people gave my “opinion” more weight  and really I was not representative of the audience!  So my opinion really wasn't fitting in that scenario.

Likewise in this fast paced world there are probably many people in your organization with opinions about social media, about young audiences, about what is “in” … and it is highly likely that their opinions will be more relevant that “the boss’s”!

One final thought … good leaders will hire strong people and if you have strong people with strong opinions then if you consistently over ride them with your opinion you are likely to lose … either the argument or worse, at some point the people!

So good leaders LISTEN ( I mean REALLY LISTEN) to the ideas and opinions of their people and only then will they make decisions.  If they are smart leaders they will recognise when the opinions of others are more relevant than their own!