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The Easy Way


The alarm clock goes off, you know you should get up and work out … but you would really like another hour in bed.

The dessert menu comes at the restaurant … you are trying to lose a few pounds, but maybe you’ll start tomorrow.

Your sales rep is under performing and you know you need to have a tough conversation with him/her … but maybe this month’s numbers will be better.

You need to grow your business, it means meeting new people, getting your message out beyond your comfort zone … but you could start next month.

Every day we make decisions (or avoid decisions) because doing the “right thing” is tough, it is hard work and of course you have every intention of getting to it, but … <plant excuse here>!

Here’s the thing … you can procrastinate, second-guess, have the best of intentions BUT it is ACTION that gets results.

It is not easy … but you can probably count on the fact that your competition (at least some of them) ARE acting.

Don’t take the easy way … do things the right way!!!