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The World is Changing Fast ... Are You?


Change … the world is changing, everyone tells you, your parents can tell you what incredible change has happened in their lifetime, YOU know how our world has changed with this last recession and the impact of globalisation is pretty clear to most of us.

So … we are all in agreement that our world is changing at a rapid pace.

What are YOU doing about that?

Are you doing the same things you did last year, the year before … five years ago?

Do you socialise with the same people?

Do you go to the same places?

Do you approach your job the same way?

You can see where I am going with this of course.  You KNOW the world is changing and you are likely not evolving much to keep pace … perhaps because you haven’t thought about it that way, perhaps because you don’t know how to, perhaps because you think if you ignore it then it will go away!

Your future is in your hands … so you should accept responsibility for it!

Some thoughts …

1.  Make new friends:  join clubs, industry associations, get involved with charities … get out and do something different!

2.  Upgrade your skills:  Take college courses, learn a new language, read everything you can about your industry, read!

3.  Look after your health:  Healthy, strong people are better able to deal with stress and change.  Eat healthy, work out regularly, overhaul your life choices!

4.  Set some goals for yourself: 

If you can do these things you will be doing everything you can to take charge of your future.