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Are You a Trier or a Doer?

There is an old saying that, “God loves a trier“.  I have to admit I’m kinda partial to triers myself.  They put in some effort, they at least look like they have a chance of success.

BUT, truth be told what I really love are “doers“!  They are the people that “get things done”, they “find a way” to meet their targets!

In sales, there is a world of difference between triers and doers.  Here is an example …

The trier will “try their best”, they might even put in a strong effort … but they don’t adjust their plans to get a different result.  They do what they have been doing every month, and hoping the result will be different.

“Adversity introduces a man to himself.” Albert Einstein

So … what makes the difference between the rep who “tries” and the rep who “does“?

The rep who makes it happen has a plan, but the BIG difference is that they WORK that plan.

The doer might say … to get 2 closes this month I need to get 10 orders, to get 10 orders I need to speak to 30 hiring managers, and I need to do that early in the month to have time for the sales cycle!  Then she identifies the 30 hiring managers, prioritises them and gets out and meets them!

If the 30 people she met last month didn’t give her the results she needed she tries 30 different people … the reality being that some of last month’s 30, will turn into this month’s business.

If she doesn’t have 30, then she goes out and finds them … by hard work and persistence, by referrals and by revisiting old contacts.

The rep who “does” is someone who is always working, always pushing, always looking for ways to generate orders that will ultimately become closes.  She is also making sure that when she has orders, her clients get the best options, in the most responsive way!

The rep who tries will go back to their desk and “research” companies, phone the same buyers they called last month, worry about the situation… and basically do what they did last month, and no surprise, achieve the same result.  They will console themselves by reading about how tough the economy is and talking to other “trier” reps who confirm how tough it is.

If you want to be successful at anything you need to have a plan and work it!  You need to have a work ethic that means you do what it takes to achieve your goals.  You need to be willing to push through barriers and find ways to be successful.

“So often, people are working hard at the wrong thing. Working on the right thing is probably more important than working hard.”  Caterina Fake

Are you a Doer or a Trier?