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Eastwooding isn't ALL bad ... Try it Sometime!


So one of my favorite actors, Clint Eastwood, caused a furore with at the Republican convention with his “conversation with a chair”.  In the chair sat an imaginary Barack Obama, whom Clint interviewed on behalf of the Republican party … and for many, the ploy failed to impress and the term Eastwooding was born!  Reputedly Barack Obama tweeted later that, “this chair is taken”.

It was an attempt at getting a message across that did not resonate so well with the audience … but don’t write off Eastwooding just yet.

Early in my computing career I was a programmer at at bank, and coded using IBM assembler.  One of the “tricks of the trade” that we used to “debug” code was remarkably similar to Eastwooding.  We would “walk through” the code line by line explaining to a partner, what it was doing.  It quickly became clear that 99 times out of 100 the programmer would recognise his own errors by going through that process, so in effect the partner was not REALLY needed!  So … we developed a process for “walk throughs” with an “imaginary partner” … and it was remarkably effective!

So, maybe Eastwooding is not such a great way to get a political message across, but it could be a great way to “debug code”, or perhaps “walk through” a business plan, or prepare for a speech, or verify the content of a tough email.  Just take Obama’s chair and talk to it about your problem!

Thanks Clint, I think you “made my day”!