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When No-One is Looking


A long awaited decision came out of the UK this week. The truth about the death of 96 Liverpool fans at a game in Sheffield in 1989. Twenty-three years to get the truth, that had been covered up by many.

Tomorrow a football (soccer) match between Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers will have the standard pre-match hand shake ritual … with widespread concern about what will happen. Two players at the centre of a racially charged legal case will decide whether they will shake hands, or pour more fuel on an already potent fire.

If you were a policeman in the 80’s would you have “covered up” the truth to protect your “mates?

If you were a professional soccer player in the middle of a furore would you calm the waters, or fuel the flames? Would you have used racial slurs? Would you have a reputation for causing “dissent” … like sleeping with your friend’s partner?

We live in a complex world and we make decisions every day that show the world who we are. Most of these decisions don’t have a big impact … but you are a product of those decisions.

Do you sneak a few office supplies to top up your kid’s back to school backpack?

Do you hold the door for the next person coming along .. perhaps even stand back to let that person through before you?

Would you give up your seat on a crowded bus to that frail person?

Does that voice in your head say, “Don’t worry, the boss will never know!”?

A lifetime of decision making makes it relatively easy to predict your answers to the BIG questions!

What decisions do you make when no-one is looking?