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Are You Really Focused on Your Task?

I read a good blog post by Deep Nishar c. “Are You Always Present“.   His daughter called him out because he was concentrating on his email while “pretending” to listen to her.  A common, and growing problem at home … AND at work, as he went on to discuss!

A recent book summary from Executive Book SummariesPower Listening, focused on the fact that listening is acritical business skill and too often we DON’T!  We are distracted, we think we have the answers etc etc … and basically, as Nishar suggests, we are not present!

How many times have you been in meetings and some percentage of the “participants” have been reading/texting/checking their stock?  It is impossible to fully participate in a meeting if you are not fully there!

What about READING, I am continually amazed at how many people don’t really read their email, let alone important documents!   They read email on their PDA while stopped at a red light (illegal in many places), they read them between meetings while thinking about other things etc.  They are not focused on the content of the email because their brain is somewhere else. 

If you really want to progress in your career, if you have ANY aspirations of moving up the ladder … you must be present when doing anything related to your job. 

If you are reading emails … then FOCUS on reading those emails.  BE PRESENT!

If you are in a meeting … then FOCUS on that meeting!  BE FULLY PRESENT!

If you want to have good relationships … both personal and business … then you must focus on your communication, be it talking face to face, on a date, over dinner or on the phone!  BE PRESENT!