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Question Everything


Asking questions is a great way to learn!

By asking questions …

you can learn about people;

you can learn about situations;

you can learn how things work;

you can uncover hidden facts;

you can better understand … everything.

It is by asking questions that …

scientists uncover new discoveries;

doctors uncover your medical issues;

sales people understand their client’s needs;

people understand who they like and who they don’t like;

In addition to using questions to learn you can use them to validate your facts or uncover hidden truths (lawyers do this all the time).

Does the job description sound too good to be true … better ask some questions!

Do you believe all you are being told by the salesperson about your new electronics/car/house/furniture etc … ask questions!

So … questions are hugely important.

Do you know what questions to ask?

Who, what, how, why, when, where … are all good ways to start questioning.

If at all possible take some time to think about what you should know before getting into the situation … then you can ask the right questions to uncover the facts.

Too often in life we ASSUME …questions are the antidote to assumptions!