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Taking the Easy Way ... Means Someone Else Will Win!


How many people do you know who can’t wait to retire?   They might be 30 years old, but they talk like they are ancient … “Can’t wait till I can take it easy,  be great to golf every day!”

How many times do you put off that diet?  Or the exercise routine?  Or that self-development course you were going to take?

Do you ever procrastinate about making tough decisions?  Maybe you should really fire that non-performer, or take a chance on that new market, or invest in that new offering?

Every day the vast majority of people make the Easy Choice!  They do nothing.  They avoid action.  They avoid hard work.  They avoid confronting tough situations.

THERE is where the real opportunity for success lies!

You don’t need to be brilliant.  You don’t need to be rich.  You don’t need to be “born with a silver spoon in your mouth”.

ALL you need is the willingness to push, to work hard, to consistently drive towards your goals, to NOT take the easy way out!

All those people taking the Easy Way are your competition!