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The Calm Before the Decision


I am a huge advocate, particularly in business, of the idea that “making a decision” is always better than a “non decision”.

I am also pretty vocal about people that take too long to make decisions.

So … just to contradict myself, some decisions NEED time.

If your decision is going to cause an upset …

If you decision is going to impact someone’s career …

If your decision is likely to lead to a confrontation …

then you likely need to take your time with that decision.

1.  Make sure you understand ALL the facts.

2.  Think very carefully about your decision.

3.  Get input from trusted advisors.

4.  When you are as sure as you can be that this is the right decision … act!  (In business you will NEVER be 100% sure)

It is the same theory that suggests “sleeping on and issue” rather than acting in anger!

The above process does not have to take a long time … it just needs to be long enough to validate a decision, while not causing an issue with a “non decision”.