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To Tell or Not to Tell?

How often do you have a poor experience and not provide that feedback to the establishment?

It might be a restaurant where you were disappointed with the food or the service?

Perhaps its a car dealership that you feel does not give you the attention you think you deserve?

It might be a staffing agency that is not serving your needs?

When this happens you always have choices … do you give them feedback or not?

If you choose to give them feedback are you constructive or do you “lose it”?

Do you go away mad and never give them business again?

I have probably been guilty of doing all of the above at different times …  and sometimes that is not very fair to those businesses.

It is easier not to say anything … no confrontation, no chance of an upset, just go away mad.

It can be hard to provide constructive feedback … some people take all feedback personally, it can be awkward to complain.

Even losing your cool and “telling it like it is” can end up with you looking bad.

Some people find it difficult to give the feedback, or maybe just don’t want the hassle … and I have been guilty of that in the past.  However in order to be fair I am going to have a new plan …

1.  If I am confident that I can provide constructive feedback there and then, I am going to do that.

2.  If I am feeling a little “testy”, or had a few drinks, or am very upset about the situation I will wait … but I will find a way to provide that feedback.

3.  I will try to refrain from telling too many people about my bad experience … assuming that (a) they will fix it and/or (b) they were having a bad day.

All businesses have issues and if they don’t know about them then they can’t fix them.  Businesses employ people, contribute to the fabric of our society and are very often supportive of their local communities … so keeping them healthy is a good reason to provide feedback.

What they do with the feedback is really what will decide their future … and that is beyond my control, I will just rest assured that I did my bit.