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Bad Delivery AND Bad Customer Service ... Wow!

I recently had the displeasure of dealing with a marble (and marble) company in Toronto who not only have very poor quality workmanship, they back it up with even worse customer service!   It is rare to find a company that remains in business and can be so bad at everything … maybe I just got unlucky!  I particularly liked their website messages … “our dedication to our customer’s needs and the focus on producing quality products in a timely manner has propelled us. blah blah blah” AND Stone counters made by<name withheld because I’m a business owner too>are guaranteed to be of the finest workmanship and quality available anywhere.”  I would beg to differ!!  You say that crater in my counter top was just normal … I think NOT!

In my experience it is more normal that a company is good at one or the other … (a) they have a great product or service, but are lacking in the customer service; or (b) they are very good at customer service but not so great on the product/service side.

I wrote a blog entry some time ago about how Superior Execution can actually be a great Strategy!

I have also read on many occasions how great customer service can be a great differentiator from your competition.  We all know high profile examples of how that has worked … consider the customer experience walking into an Apple store versus the alternatives.  Many years ago Lexus distinguished itself from competition with a superior customer experience on the service side … and people bought because of that.

Great companies have great execution AND great customer service (Apple might be a good example?).

As a consumer I would suggest that I will buy great products that have poor customer service … but I will not buy inferior products that have great customer service!

If you have to spend your investment dollars on one or the other, then get your product/service right first!  Then QUICKLY work on your customer service.

In the meantime if you need new counter tops in Toronto I can tell you where NOT to go!