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Do You Make Time to Think?


That may seem like a strange question … but the reality is that in today’s competitive environment we often become totally consumed with “doing” and don’t take time to “plan”.

I would hazard a guess that most people are driven by their environment.  They arrive at their desk and are busy from the minute they arrive until they head out at the end of the day.  Over time routines get formed, your hours get consumed and your days are “spoken for” … with no prospect of adding anything new.

If you are in a leadership role this is a bad place to be … you respond to the needs of your staff, your boss places demands on you and you seemingly have no control over your own time.  The days are long and nothing ever changes.

The problem is even bigger than that!

Most people’s careers operate that way.  They made career decisions years (maybe decades) ago and now they are on the “treadmill of existence”, they feel powerless to change the course of their lives. 

For many people this cycle applies to their whole life!  They are on automatic pilot day in day out, week in week out, year in year out!  They have their routines and nothing ever changes.  Maybe some people are happy in that kind of routine … but if you have ambitions to do “more”, in your job, your career or your life you need to do something to change things!

The first thing you need to do is to actually THINK … instead of just going about your daily tasks, you need to step back and THINK.

Is your life what you want it to be? 

Are you content in your career?  How about your job?

If you take time out you might just find that you could make some changes at work that would give you more time to do the things you are missing out on.  Maybe if you did things differently you could get some exercise in, add a hobby, spend more time with your family or take a course.

Maybe if you found time to think you could show your employer that you are capable of “more”, get that promotion, feel more content with your career.

Maybe if you managed your time at work better you could take some of that stress off, feel more in control and be a more relaxed person when you got home?

Nothing happens until you spend some time thinking … taking some time to plan and find ways to change your situation.

Of course after the thinking takes place you need to act … but take one step at a time.  Think first!

Some tips …

  • You can’t think differently about your situation while immersed in that situation;

  • You may find it easier to think if you have people to talk with about your situation;

  • You will likely find it difficult to understand the value of this exercise until you actually do it;

  • You will never feel like you have time to do this … you just have to force yourself to do it.