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Learn From Successful People

As recently as a couple of months ago I wrote a blog entry called Learning.  I was also commenting to a colleague just today that I have been in the workforce more than 40 years already …  having started life in the Royal Navy at age 16!  Even an old codger like me needs to keep learning … so what do I do?

I follow my own advice about reading and staying current … but one of the best ways for a CEO to learn is from their peers!  Over the years I have belonged to a number of peer networks and attended events for CEOs/Presidents and I always come away with a few nuggets.

Last night I went to an event for 50 Best Managed Companies.  As always it was a first class event, the sponsors Deloitte and CIBC spend a great deal of time and money on these events.   The big learning opportunities on a night like this is are (a) to network with your peers; and (b) to listen to a panel of CEOs answer questions about the success they have had, their challenges and their solutions.  Great stuff! 

The panel last night was moderated by two of Deloittes most senior partners, and authors of The Power of the Best, John Hughes and Peter Brown.  On the panel were Peter Jamieson, COO of the Wheels Group; Ronnen Harary, Co-CEO of Spin Master Ltd and Mark Redmond, CEO of Sirius XM Canada Inc.  They had good insights on a range of relevant topics … based on their real life experiences.  These forums always provide me with ideas and nuggets to take away.

Everybody needs to keep learning, it doesn’t always need to be from books … learning from successful people is a great way to learn!

PS.  The 50 Best program is a great way for companies to improve their best practices too!