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If one of your friends promises you something, then you will trust that the promise will be met.

If a trusted supplier promises you something then there is a very reasonable chance you will not be disappointed.

Making a promise is a great way to build credibility!

Having said that, failing to deliver on a promise is also a very easy way to blow your credibility.

There is an old saying that fits that kind of thinking …Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and shame on me!   Clearly if you promise and don’t deliver you lose credibility and people will be loathe to trust you again.

If you are in sales, customer service or any role where you interact with clients, be very careful with your promises … the old axiom that will serve you well is under promise and over deliver!  If I am promised a delivery by a certain time or day then that promise sets my expectation … if the delivery happens faster, then I am very pleased, but when the delivery is late I am not pleased at all! A careless promise will cause a lot more problems than it needs to!

So if you are dealing with a client try to give yourself some room for error … and do your best to “over deliver”!

The same applies in your personal life … make promises that you can meet, not promises that you might break, whether intentional or not!

The BIG WIN here is that it is easy to build credibility by promising and delivering!   Take advantage of that!  Promise your client something and deliver … every time you deliver you are building credibility!

At the other end of the spectrum nobody wants anything to do with the person who never meets their promises … take for instance the developer who is two years late delivering the building, four years late delivering services in the building and never delivers some critical aspects of the building!  Would anyone want to be associated with someone like that?