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What Makes a Good Boss?

This is certainly not an exhaustive list and comments are welcome!  In my many years of working I can look back at the various basses I have had and these are the traits that would describe “my” best boss.

1.  They make decisions … and most of them are good decisions!

2.  They have a solid work ethic … leading by example.

3.  They are not afraid to hire people who are better than them.

4.  They set clear goals.

5.  They are willing to listen and be empathetic.

6.  They will make the tough decisions when they must.

7.  They will deliver tough messages when they need to.

8.  They will allow their people to do their job … providing advice and support.

9.  They WANT their people to succeed.

10.  They support the goals of the organization and explain them to their staff.

11.   They don’t know everything … but know where to get the answers.

12.  They will always back their people while they are doing the right stuff.

13.  They will not play favorites.

14.  They will be businesslike in their dealings … it is not personal!

What have I missed?