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That "Get in Shape" New Year Resolution


Here we are still in the ‘honeymoon period” of the New Year resolutions.  The gyms are filled with eager new recruits that have bought a membership and vowed to get themselves into shape.

History has shown that by the first week in February most (or maybe almost all) of those resolutions will be a memory.

The Problem:  It is hard.

The Reality:  Most people are not going to make a massive change in their lives overnight.

The Solution:  Be realistic!

Set SMALL goals … don’t hurt yourself, see some gains and build on it.  You don’t need to spend an hour at the gym (plus travel, plus shower, plus a few pints after the workout …oops).  The goal is to workout your body more than you have been doing.


1. Walk more in the normal course of your day … and step up the pace when you are walking.  It doesn’t need to be a jog, just walk faster and further than you did before.

2. Do “mini workouts… there are a ton of these online.  They range from less than 5 minutes in duration to maybe 30 minutes.

  • They are higher intensity and bring the same kind of benefits that a regular hour at the gym might bring.

  • They don’t necessarily need equipment.

  • Because they are short you can fit them in to your schedule … before your shower, before bed, lunch time (although you will need to shower), before dinner, instead of watching TV, while your kid is doing hockey practice etc.

3. Spend less time sitting.  You burn more calories if you are standing up, or better yet, walking around.  Use a wireless headset on those conference calls … and pace.   Watch TV from a spin bike or recumbent bike.   Go for a walk at night with your partner, friend, spouse instead of watching “one more show”.

4. Add some weight/resistance training.  You could use small weights in your office, use the elastic bands for resistance training, do squats in the office etc.  There are lots of exercises that use your own body weight!

5. Make some concession to your diet… don’t try to change everything.  Take a month off alcohol, eat fruit for dessert, make healthier substitutions (more veggies, less fries etc) and maybe reduce your portion sizes by 10%.

6. After you have made small steps, seen some wins and changed a few bad habits you can “up your game” and join a gym, get a personal trainer etc.

If you can make changes in a small way you are far more likely to achieve your goals, rather than trying to change many years (or even one year) of bad habits in a quick fix!

Good luck with your 2020 resolutions!

Remember … it is tough to be efficient mentally when your body can’t keep up!