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10 Signs You are Losing Ground at Work!


The other day I posted a blog entry called Invest In Yourself.

My opinion is that none of us can ever stop learning… and we must keep investing in ourselves if we don’t want life to leave us in the dust!

I am also of the opinion that many (perhaps even most) people ignore this reality. so what happens in their career is that they neglect their self development, and head down that path towards irrelevance!

Read these signs and see if you recognise yourself.  If you are here I have no doubt you already know it … but you need to KNOW it is not too late, if you act quickly!

1.  You don’t read anything that you don’t need to read … no books, no industry articles, no business magazines etc.

2.  You have not completed any new training in the past two years.

3.  You still do things “the way you always did them” after many years.

4.  You do nothing “extra” … no networking outside work, no industry involvement, no college courses, no self improvement.

5.  You are not learning new technologies or tools.

6.  You never revisit the training materials from courses you have taken.

7.  You are getting ready to leave work for half an hour before “leaving time”.

8.  You resist all efforts at change, including efforts to “drag you” into the new ways of doing things.

9.  Younger, less experienced co-workers are outperforming you.

10.  Your productivity is less today than it was last year.

Get in the game!

You only live once, if you don’t give your best effort in everything you do then you are missing out on one of life’s great joys … the pride of having done your best.

If you have a colleague like this, send them this blog entry … you might just shake them enough to save their career!