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Be Conscious of the Image You Project


First impressions can be very important.  Whether you are going for a job interview, meeting a bank for a loan, networking or even just going to a social event.  Here are 10 things that you can do to project the “right image” and make a favorable first (second and third) impression.

1.  When meeting new people ask questions and listen … more than you talk.  Be genuinely interested in the people you meet

2. Be yourself… do not embellish your accomplishments or experiences and do not try to be something that you are not!

3. Dress appropriately and be professional looking.  The basics, clean well pressed clothes, with clean shoes (that are not in need of mending) for a business environment.

4.  Employ good grooming.  Hair, nails, cleanliness … should all go without saying but too often people let themselves down in these areas.

5. Be prepared.  If you are in a networking environment be aware of issues that concern the others who are there, have an understanding of who else might be there.  If you are meeting clients be well prepared for the meeting.

6. Be thankful.  If someone does something for you, no matter how small, then let them know you are grateful.

7.  Be on your best behaviour… as though your gramma was watching!  Hold doors for people who come behind you, always, no matter their age or demographic;  let people ahead of you into lineups; smile and be courteous.  You never really know the people are that see you be nasty to the server or let the door slam on the person behind you … it might be a potential future boss, client, friend or more!

8.  Be energetic and enthusiastic.. but not “off the wall”.

9. Smile.

10.  Give yourself a good talking to beforehand.  Remind yourself of your talents, qualities and focus on all the good things.  You want to project an image of confidence!