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Change is Coming ... Get With the Program!

Here at Eagle we recently implemented a voice over IP (VOIP) phone system … and going through the change associated with a new technology was a great reminder to me about how difficult change is.  It was an even greater reminder that in order to stay relevant, change is absolutely necessary.

This wasn’t the first time we have explored this technology and our first experiences cost us some money, some time, some frustration and ended up as a failed project.  When that happens I think human nature is such that we are even more sceptical when the same change is proposed again at a later time!

Here were some lessons I took from this whole exercise:

1.  Just because something didn’t work before doesn’t mean it won’t work this time.

2.  Change is painful … we get used to our old ways.  The phone on the desk was comforting, the headset attached to the computer and using the computer keyboard took a little getting used to but it really is no big deal.

3.   To change any habit takes some commitment and some time … just a fact.  Get on board, commit to the change and make it happen.

4.  Whining and resisting change will win you no friends.

5.  Change that is forced on you is tough … having the will and commitment to change for yourself requires an even higher level of discipline.

6.  You must be open to new ideas, new solutions, new ways of doing things or you soon become a dinosaur.

7.  There is a sense of achievement when you are able to implement change and you see the results.

8.  Great companies don’t become great by accident!

The project is not 100% complete and there are many more features that we are not yet utilising … but already the pain is mostly done.  The returns will only get better with time as we take advantages of the many and various features of the system.