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Every Day Should be a Valentines Day of Sorts!


Today is Valentines day and around the world people are sending messages and buying gifts for the special people in their lives.

There is no truth to the urban myth that Valentine’s Day was created by Hallmark (or any other card manufacturer) … but there is a good deal of common sense in that explanation.

So YES, do something special for the special people in your life … buy a card, buy a gift, have a romantic dinner or go on a special date.

However … remember that this is just one day in the year and it would be a good thing for your various relationships to show appreciation throughout the year.

Thoughts for the day:

1.  Create monthly reminders in your calendar right now … so that on the 14th of every month you are reminded to “do something for that special someone”.

2.  Create a list of the important people in your life … not just your spouse/partner and find a way to let them know they are important to you … you could set up a schedule for them too!

3.  Sign up for one of those online card companies …JibJab is a hilarious one … and start sending cards that make people laugh.

4.  Every month give an amount (small or large depending on your capability) to a charity, on behalf of one of your special people.

5.  Remember that everyone around you has “stuff to deal with in their lives” … and go a little easier on them in recognition of that fact!

The more you give the more you get … particularly with relationships!

Here are some ideas that don’t cost too much:

  1. Send a handwritten card.

  2. Send a letter … maybe include a photo!  (Who gets letters anymore … its now an event!)

  3. Buy someone a coffee and take it to them.

  4. Send a joke.

  5. Send a picture by email … maybe an old one of you both together?

  6. Remember their birthday, anniversary, special day of any kind.

  7. Cook them dinner … or take them for a meal.  It could be a “chip wagon lunch” … your treat!

  8. Find a special picture and have it printed on canvas … CanvasPop are a great Canadian company.

  9. Buy them a book … a real one with paper pages and everything!  Write a note in the front!

  10. Buy them a movie ticket!

Do anything YOU would appreciate if someone else was doing it for you!