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Selling During Snowmageddon!


Living in Canada there are invariably days like this … its Winter and we get storms, no big surprises there!  This one is causing havoc in many communities and here in the Toronto area there is significant disruption to travel plans.

From a productivity perspective days like this can be very disruptive … if you let them.

If you are a salesperson in Toronto (or any city) on a snowy day here are some things you could do:

1.  Take the public transit to work.

2.  Use up one of your vacation days and go skiing with the kids.

3.  Travel to appointments on public transit … but make sure appointments have not been cancelled.

4.  If you have meetings set up and they are still “on” … take advantage that other people might not be as busy.  Call more people in the area where you are going and add some more short meetings.

5.  Spend a ton of time on the phone … phone meetings (with an agenda!), setting up meetings, following up on orders etc.

6.  Get through that administrative work you have been putting off … entering data into the CRM etc.

7.  Spend some time planning your account strategies, identifying people to call, such that tomorrow (or Monday) you hit the ground running!

8.  Spend time with your manager … planning for success.

9.  If you are working from home remember you are “working” … that does not mean taking breaks with the kids, going for groceries, long lunches with your spouse or any other non-productive activities.  You are being paid the same today as you are paid every other day … make sure you earn it!

10.  If you are in a management role make sure you are very visible and available to your people.   Your calendar should be up to date, and you should be aware of just how productive your people are being.

The people who put in a full days work when no-one is looking are the people destined for success … are you destined for success?