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The Magical "To Do" List!


I have many blog entries on the subject of “time management” or perhaps a better title would be personal productivity.  I have written on the subject so much that I even have one entry with links to my Top 10 Entries for Personal Productivity.

Why do I write about it so much?

The simple answer is that if you can make the best use of the time available to you, whether it be for work activity or for personal activity then you are going to achieve more.

That does NOT mean you can’t have relaxing time, “chilling time” … what it does mean is that you should choose to chill, not just let it happen.

“Either run the day or the day runs you.”  Jim Rohn

Here are 10 thoughts about the To Do List … which is one of the most powerful tools to help you get your life under control.

1.  If you have a list of things to do you can just do them!  If you don’t have a list of things to do then you need to think of the things that need doing and then do them.  I don’t know anyone with a perfect memory. (Seems obvious, but so many people do not have a to do list.)

2.  If you have a list of things to do then you can prioritise them.  It doesn’t need to be fancy, but if you have the list then you can choose what to work on knowing  all the facts.  If you don’t have the list then you work on what comes to mind.

3.  The more complex your life becomes the more useful this tool is.

4.  There are many theories about single list versus multiple lists; about prioritising using A,B,C or percentage ROI or other scoring systems; about having deadline dates etc.  My advice … just have a to do list, you are already ahead of the game; prioritise somehow and you are even further ahead!

5.  You can refine your list(s) to suit you over time.

6.  It can be electronic (there are a million apps), it could be on paper … whatever works for you.

7.  Update it as you go … if a new task comes along add it right away.  If you knock off a task then cross it off the list.

8.  Review/renew your list on a regular basis to suit you … it could be weekly or monthly, it could be every second day or once a quarter.  Just as long as it keep you on top of what needs doing!

9.  Delegating tasks requires a whole blog entry!   Create a list specially for this and it just reminds you of who owes you what!

10.  Start or end each day with a review … you would be surprised how good it feels to cross off a few items!  You will be all set up to “go” in the new day and not have to think about what needs doing.

If you have any kind of professional role I don’t know how you can survive without one!

“Time management is life management.” Robin Sharma