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Confessions of an Unrepentant Workaholic

I tend to work more than the average person, however as a business owner that is my choice. I do however receive commentary from others who don't share my love for work. I think I might have heard the following statement once or twice before, "When you are lying on your death bed you will not be wishing you put in a few more hours at the office"! Obviously that is a fair statement and if the only thing I had done with my time here on earth was spend a lot of time "at the office" it would be sad. I look at my life a little differently than that. There are reasons that I work hard, and I think many of those reasons could apply to anyone. Here are some of my musings about why I live my life the way I do and I make no apologies for it! i. Work provides me with the means to do things I could not do without this income; ii It allows me to provide a nice lifestyle for my family; iii. Like most people, I get a lot of pleasure from my achievements ... so when I do well at work it feels good. iv. I try to keep my priorities right, I can't remember missing an important event in my kid's lives, and by important event I mean I made every game they played in, every recital, every school interview etc. (Sometimes it meant tough travel schedules, but I made it work). I don't care where I am or what I am doing, if my kids need to talk to me (and they are not kids any longer) they can get me. So I consciously choose to work these hours, this travel schedule, at this intensity level ... knowing that if something more important comes along it will get the attention it deserves. v. My success at work gets me onto boards and committees where I can bring value to charities and to our industry. There is great pleasure in that. vi. I was not born with money and so I have always had to work ... if I have to work anyway why not do a GREAT job at it? vii. It took me a while to understand, but even before owning a business I never really worked for anyone ... I worked for myself. If I did a great job then my employers benefited but at the end of the day it is me and my career that has benefited most. viii. If I were on my deathbed today I might regret not having completed some things on my bucket list ... but I would also be thankful for all the amazing things I have done with my life thus far! ix. I don't want an easy life ... I want a life with challenges to face, goals to meet, some wins and some losses, but knowing I gave it my best. Work is a big part of that, it stretches me and keeps my mind active, makes me challenge and push myself. I certainly don't want to see out my days knocking a ball around a golf course (apologies to all my golfer friends ... but you know I mean it!) x. We all have choices and while I make mine, I certainly don't assume that everyone should be like me. I am however content with who I am ... are you content with who you are? ----------------------------------------------- Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company) Want to know where Canada's hot jobs are? Visit the Eagle Job Centre! Gain a competitive edge! Join Eagle's Executive Consulting Network! Have you tried Eagle's (very cost effective) VirtualRecruiter service? -----------------------------------------------