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Disruptions to Your Productivity


How do you deal with disruptions to your productivity?

Here in Canada it is a pretty common occurrence for the weather to mess with a workday schedule.  A foot of snow has a way of messing with flights, commutes and scheduled agendas.

What happens when the car won’t start or your child takes ill?

What happens when your best laid plans go sideways because the flight is delayed or the train breaks down?

I think that for a lot of people these kinds of things cause stress, and for others its just an unavoidable hiccup in the plans.

As a business owner I am probably a little tense about it … but try to keep things in perspective.  After all … we have all heard the Serenity Prayer and I do try to focus on the things I can impact.

There is however one more piece to that scenario … just because something happens to mess up plans, it doesn’t mean the plan is “out of the window”.

While I can accept the flight is delayed or cancelled … what I now need to focus on is how I still achieve my objective.  Can I achieve it through conference call or do I need to reschedule the meetings?  If it is important enough, can I plan ahead knowing that a storm is coming and fly in the day before?

If my car breaks down and it disrupts my plans … that is life.  However how can I make up that lost time?  Can I get a taxi to work?  Can I get to work a little later and stay late to make up the time I lost?  Its not so much about the time as it is about the productivity!  Could I achieve my goals a different way … perhaps through working efficiently from home for a few hours?

Our work is constantly disrupted with small and large events … that is life and should not be a cause of stress.  It should however cause us to figure out how to compensate, so we can still reach our objectives.  It is rare that the goals, measures or objectives change because of some interruptions.  Therefore it is safe to assume your boss will still be expecting you to meet your targets … if you can do that, you are accepting accountability and if you accept accountability you are in charge of your own destiny!

Remember … you don’t work for an employer, you work for yourself.  When you do good work it is you who gets the biggest benefit … the fact that your employer also benefits just means your career is that much more assured.