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How To Build Your Business


Whether you are a business owner looking at growing your business, or a sales person trying to grow your client base the approach is the same.  There is a three step process Strategize; Plan and Execute.

#1.  Strategy.

This is the higher level process.

What is your high level “go to market” strategy?  What are your sales targets?  What type of buyers are you targeting?  What are your messages?  What are your differentiators? How are you getting those messages out … direct sales, advertising, sponsorships, media attention, social media etc.

#2.  Plan.

This is the “making it happen” part … the actionable steps to reach your goals.  Which clients are you targeting(focus)?  Who within those clients(laser focus)?  Who do you know?  Who can help you?  What ways can you use to get to meet those people?

You need both (a)focus(you can’t be all things to all people) AND (b)enough volume(its a standard sales funnel that you are building … you need a lot of prospects at the top, to filter to those who might need your services and the actual buyers of whom you will close a percentage)

#3.  Execute.

You know your sales messages.

You know who you are targeting.

Now go do it!

Then it is back to step #2 a few times … add some more clients, add some more contacts.

You may need to go back to #1 if you have been executing well, but the results are not there.  Do you need to refine the strategy?  Are you targeting the right people?  Are your messages resonating?  Do you need a different approach.

Some observations about this process:

1.  It is hard work … if you do it right.

2. Henry Ford knew what he was saying, “If you believe you can, or not … you are right“.  You need to believe in the strategy and in the plan in order to be successful.

3.  There is no easy way.

4.  It is good to reward your successes … but don’t be fooled, true success is meeting and exceeding your goals.  Sure take a short coffee break when you have a little win, but keep your eye on the ultimate goals.

5.  Successful people are often deemed lucky … go make some luck happen!