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The "Drop In" Salesperson


There are occasions where it is OK to “drop in” and see if a client is available to chat … but they are the exception!

Generally speaking it is a NO-NO!

When IS it a reasonable thing to do …

i.  If you have a REALLY good relationship with that person … personal friend, relative, LONG TIME client;

ii.  If they have given you explicit permission to do so;

iii.  If you absolutely have something of value you are dropping off for them;

iv.  If it is to do them a big favor;

v.  You are in the area and drop something at reception … but are then asked if you want to see the client!

When NOT to drop in.

i.  You are selling something door to door … note: This is 2013!

ii.  You have met the client but don’t know them well;

iii.  You just happened to be in the area … but did not call ahead!

iv.   You think you are so important people should just change their schedules on a whim to meet with you!

v.  Most times!

It is not that hard to build credibility as a sales person… but you DO have to work at it.  A lack of respect for people’s time will quickly erode any credibility!

I find it an unprofessional and rude approach to selling when people just “show up”.

I, like most people, value my time and will meet with people who have a valid reason to meet with me IF they have scheduled a meeting!