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Your Community


What does “your community” mean to you?

Is it your family and friends?  Maybe throw in the nice neighbour that waves when you leave the house?

Maybe its a little bigger than that … the local shops where you buy groceries and the your favorite restaurants and pubs?

How you view “your community” will probably affect how you react to “your community” and ultimately influence your decisions about “giving back”.

Tonight I will be at a black tie event to raise funds for The Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation.

This foundation defines “its community” as a global community! The foundation contributes to a number of specific charities ranging from building schools in “under resourced” countries around the world, to providing scholarships to students who need a hand to get their education here in Canada, and several well deserving causes in between.

WE here in Canada enjoy the standard of living that we have because of an accident of birth.  We could just as easily have been born in a third world country!

A more balanced world is good for everybody … so ensuring kids in Haiti and Africa get an education is a good way to make this a better world for everyone.

This foundation ALSO recognises the needs closer to home, bringing hope to many here in Toronto as well as in third world countries.

Tonight Eagle will have a couple of tables at the event to support the foundation and our President (Terry Power), who serves on the board and offers his own time and money to support this great cause.  Clearly Terry’s community is a global community too!

Everybody has a community, and it is because of your community that you have the life you have … as opposed to the life you might have if you lived somewhere else.  So … do something for YOUR community!

GIVE something back, if for no other reason than to acknowledge how lucky you are to live here!

Give some money … give some time … give some of your skills to those who need them most!