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Delivering on Commitments


If you make a commitment then you need to honour it.  Keeping your commitments is how you gain credibility!  Breaking commitments is a sure-fire way to lose credibility!

As a business owner I make long term commitments and I take them seriously …

our employees rely on this company for their income;

the independent contractors and temporary employees that we work with rely on us to pay them for their services;

our clients rely on us to find them great people;

the staffing industry association relies on us to be involved, bring value and represent the industry well; and

the charities that we support depend on our financial and time commitments.

If my company does not live up to its commitments then people suffer and it is my duty to live up to those commitments.  A side benefit of meeting my commitments is that I build credibility … conversely, how can anyone believe in me or my company if I fall down on my commitments?

What commitments do you as an individual OR a company make?  How serious are you about meeting them?

How is YOUR credibility?