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Good Company, good conversation and a glass of wine ... doesn't get much better!


Last night I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with some interesting people.  I know a few of these people well, some less well and some I met for the first time last night.  It was a gathering of a networking group that I am working at developing and I think everyone had a great time, just like the heading says … it doesn’t get much better!

What do you do to expand your network?

We are bombarded every day with social media “networking tools” which are great … but it is the people we meet in person, the people we actually have real conversations with, that count!

There are a myriad reasons why most of us should try to expand our physical network.  There are very few people that have so many friends that there is no room left for some more interesting people in their lives.

Here is what I do:

1.  I take responsibility for my own success … this applies to building a network of contacts as much as it applies to anything in my life.

2.  Because I take responsibility, I will “own” the effort needed to make it happen.  I will organise the date, the place, the invitations and try to accommodate as much as possible.  For my part if it is worth doing, it is worth my time and effort!

3.  When I started this company  back in 1996 I reached out to some other business owners, who in turn reached out to others that they knew and we formed a President’s Peer club.  It was a great thing for many years, allowing us all an opportunity to share our issues with like minded people.

4.  Given that I am new to Toronto I am working at building this new networking group … I invited some people I know, and some of them have invited others and we get together, just like last night, to enjoy each other’s company with no other expectations.

5.  It takes time, it takes effort and it takes the will to make it happen … but the end result can be a beautiful thing!

Go out and make some new friends!