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Help an Entrepreneur Today ... Its Good for Canada!


Entrepreneurs are a little nuts … they have to be, but their passion keeps them going through the challenges they face.

Particularly NOW, in the middle of a pandemic many entrepreneurs are facing HUGE challenges.

Even in normal times30% of businesses fail in those crucial first five years.

Entrepreneurs engage in their communities, sponsoring events, supporting charities and giving back.

Entrepreneurs “burn the midnight oil” … doing what they need to do to survive and thrive.

You will see them bending the ear of everyone who will listen as they talk about their company.

There is an entrepreneur out there today working on the next big thing… and it will create a lot of jobs here in Canada.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs out there running small businesses that will grow, businesses that employ a lot of people and contribute enormously to Canada’s economy.

Entrepreneurs will push that piece of string uphill for a long way before they run out of steam!

What can YOU do to help an entrepreneur?

Can you make an introduction?

Can you buy their product?

Can you recommend their solution?

The entrepreneur’s win is a win for all of us!