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Are You Getting the Whole Story?

Ask more questions Robert Brault

How many times have you been surprised that the service you thought you were getting was not quite what you expected?

The holiday home rental property by the sea is actually three blocks from the sea … but that qualifies as by the sea to the owner!

The software you bought does not actually do everything you thought it would.

The seller neglected to mention that trailer you bought has a non standard hitch.

Have ever gotten a story about “an incident” that perhaps wasn’t quite the same when you got more facts?

Your child tells you about how unfairly they were treated by the teacher.  The teacher tells you the whole story!

Your employee talks up all the extra hours they have been putting in at the end of the day.  You then find out that they haven’t been showing up in the office until much later than you thought.

I hear from salespeople all the time that “that client” isn’t spending … based on input from the sales person’s contact!   Meanwhile other parts of the client organization are spending like drunken sailors!

So what? 

The point here is that very often there are many perspectives or points of view to consider.  Sometimes (most times?) one person just does not have all the facts.

If you base your decisions upon one perspective, no matter whether you trust that person or not, you might not be happy with the outcome.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw

If you want to make the best decisions then …

Ask lots of questions!

Get as many inputs as possible.

Do NOT base important decisions on just one source!