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Clients are Clients ... Like Them or Not!

It is human nature to gravitate towards people that we like, and that like us.  In our personal lives that is our choice … although I will make the comment that you should never make assumptions because some of the strongest relationships are born out of adversity!

If you are a salesperson it is your job to service your clients … whether you personally like them or not.

It is your job to pursue new clients, whether they appear to “approachable” or not.

It is your job to represent your company professionally and treat all of those clients and prospects with the respect they deserve.

Here are some indicators that maybe you are missing the boat …

1.  You find your self meeting with a few people very frequently … and they might not be your top prospects.

2.  There are some clients that you treat better than others … and it has nothing to do with their spend.

3.  You find yourself avoiding contacting certain clients … for no good business reasons.

4.  The people you spend the most time with are just like you!

5.   You don’t look for new client contacts outside of your comfort zone.

I understand that when we have strong relationships with clients it can lead to business.  I also understand that there are a lot of clients that don’t want to be friends with their supplier, they just want good service at a fair price!  You MUST have a reasonable relationship with ALL of your clients … regardless!

Another thing to consider is that as we mature it is possible to broaden our horizons, and to develop other interests.  People whose company we might not have sought a few years back suddenly become much more interesting to us and vice versa.  So that client you don’t like too much today might actually be your best friend a few years from now.

Finally, it might be that you don’t particularly like a client because of some conflict … yet very often, if you handle the conflict well, these clients can become big supporters.

The bottom line …

These are clients of your company … and they ALL need to be serviced accordingly.

If you are not treating ALL of your clients with an appropriate amount of care then someone else surely will!