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Fresh Eyes

The concept of having “fresh eyes” review a proposal addresses the concern that the person who did the writing will find it hard to spot their own mistakes, or even to criticise their own work.

The same concept applies to business planning … if you and your management team have been driving the same business for some period of time how do you bring new ideas to the strategy?  One way is “fresh eyes”.

If you have been in the same role for some period of time how do you “change things up”?  What can you do to look at new creative ways to improve productivity or increase sales or take your performance to the next level?  One way is definitely “fresh eyes”.

If you look at the average tenure of CEOs in public companies you will see that they typically turn over every eight to ten years.  Bringing in “fresh eyes” at the top is definitely a way for companies to keep innovating.

Do you make good use of fresh eyes?