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A Simpler Life?

I was buying something at a local farmer’s market last weekend.  The guy operating the stall owns the business which is an organic farm.

There was a very small lineup waiting to be served and the first person in the queue was obviously someone the owner knew well.  They had a good conversation about their kids, what they were doing these days and in between put together a small order of vegetables.

So what?

Well, I work in downtown Toronto where a micro-second of delay at a red light leads to a cacophony of car horns.  Where standing in line at a Tim Hortons is excruciating, such that everyone is busily answering emails rather than waste a few minutes.  Where to wait on an escalator because someone is blocking the walking side sends the blood pressure up.  Its a high paced, low tolerance way of life that just seems to be the big city way.

So … standing at this stall I had a range of emotions.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I could afford to be a little patient, but I was subconsciously getting angry at having to wait.

Intellectually I thought it was kind of nice that this farmer, who clearly works very hard for his living can take time out to be social … and I am talking about “real” social, not Facebook.

I intentionally forced myself to not look at my iPhone.

I concentrated on relaxing and just being in the moment … rather than thinking three steps ahead and wondering how fast I could get to the next step.

I smiled.

I decided that I should learn to find some time in my life that is not time pressured, where I could just relax, do nothing and not worry about the time.

I was also very proud of myself for staying calm while these people wasted my time

Life used to be like that for previous generations.  We did not always live in an “instant on”, “instant gratification”, “instant communication” world.  All of that technological innovation makes us much more efficient just sometimes its nice to switch it all off.

I’m not sure if I can actually slow down enough to enjoy “a slower pace” … but I will be on vacation next week, just maybe I’ll treat myself to a technology free afternoon. 

Of course that might become a technology free hour or two!

We all have to start somewhere!