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The Client IS the Client

A number of years ago I was feeling pretty good about Eagle’s growth.  We had grown our business nicely over the first few years, added clients, locations and revenues.  I pride myself on having my feet firmly on the ground … but sometimes it takes a friend to remind you!  I was meeting with a “sage” friend of mine who asked me the classic question … “Are you good at what you do, or are you just in a the right place at the right time?”

It is a question all businesses need to ask … and the right answer is that in order to remain successful a company NEEDS to be good at what it does.  The thing is … it is our clients who will decide just how good we are, because if we are NOT, then they will go elsewhere.

So … for Eagle began a commitment to continuous improvement.  We applied for the 50 Best Managed Private Companies award and after a couple of attempts, some advice from the organisers and some hard work we achieved that distinction, and have won that award every year since.

As our next quality initiative we focused on achieving ISO registration.  Again this required significant effort, an investment in consulting services and a company wide commitment to the ideals of ISO’s quality standards.  We have been ISO registered for a number of years now.

Again, it is a company’s clients that determine the kind of activities they need to be good at in order to be relevant.  Companies exist to serve their clients … and thus any continuous improvement program needs to focus on their client’s needs.

It will always be the clients who let us know just how good we are … or not!

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”Sam Walton